60 years of cooperation.

THE “CIRO MENOTTI” National Consortium.


CCM is a Consortium of Production and Work Cooperatives

attached to the General Association of Italian Cooperatives – A.G.C.I.

CCM has been operating since 1962 and specializes in acquiring public and private contracts in sectors such as civil, industrial, roads, railways, hydraulics, civil maintenance works, plant & industrial, restoration and maintenance of protected buildings, river works, bioengineering, maritime, Global Service and Project Financing.


The Consortium currently has about 100 cooperatives as members spread throughout Italy.

The contracts are assigned to associates by the consortium in a mutually dependent relationship according to the nature of the work, its size and specialization.

Associate 2021
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As of 31/12/2021, the share capital of Consorzio Ciro Menotti amounted to Euro 2,818,154. There are 107 associated co-operatives and 5 subsidising members.

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